Hundreds of Minnesotans join national protests of Planned Parenthood clinics


Hundreds of people in Minnesota joined in with nationwide rallies outside Planned Parenthood clinics on Tuesday.

Protesters outside clinics across the country called on the government to stop funding and to investigate the organization following the release of controversial footage showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the use of tissue from aborted fetuses for research.

Protests were held outside of both of the Minnesota Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions, in Rochester and St. Paul, with the Post Bulletin reporting that 200 protesters on both sides of the abortion debate rallied in Rochester.

The newspaper notes that the pro-life protesters outnumbered the pro-choice, and were holding placards that read "babies should be loved not sold."

It was among more than 50 protests held in cities across the country sponsored by the group Students for Life of America under the banner #WomenBetrayed, Breitbart notes.

"Private businesses that want to contribute to (Planned Parenthood), let them contribute to that. I don't want my tax dollars to go to that," protestor Ellen Welle told the Post Bulletin.

In St. Paul, WCCO reports that staff members of the University Avenue clinic spread their own message, pointing out that it provides health care women with health care services other than abortions, such as birth control, breast exams and cancer screenings

Last week, a group of 35 Republican lawmakers in Minnesota called on Gov. Mark Dayton to launch an investigation into the practices at Planned Parenthood clinics in Minnesota – a request he rejected.

After the release of the video footage, taken undercover by little known group the Center for Medical Progress, it was claimed that the organization is selling the organs and other tissue from aborted fetuses for a profit.

Planned Parenthood denied this, saying it has a tissue donation program for the benefits of research but the only reimbursement it gets is to cover packing and shipping costs.

Planned Parenthood Minnesota told BringMeTheNews that it does not participate in any tissue donation program, but in a statement said it supported other centers that do.

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