Hungry to know what job category Minnesota leads the country in?


Compared to other states, Nevada has more than its share of gaming supervisors. In New York fashion designers are more abundant. Texas beats the national average for petroleum engineers and Washington doesthe same for aircraft assemblers.

So what's the job category that's most over-represented in Minnesota?

Food scientists.

That's what the folks at Business Insider concluded as they used federal data to map each state's most popular job categories on a per capita basis.

Business Insider notes that it has tracked jobs that are disproportionately concentrated in each state. They say looking strictly at the most common job would yield 42 states labeled "retail salesperson."

The Business Journal says it makes sense for Minnesota to lead the way in food scientists, given that the state is home to such companies as General Mills, Land O' Lakes, Hormel, and Cargill.

The presence of those businesses may also be a factor in the prominence of food science programs at some of the state's top universities, including the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The science is being enlisted not just for profit, though, but for the public good, as well.

The Associated Press reported Monday that the fight against food-borne illnesses is being bolstered by moves to decode the DNA of various bacteria and viruses.

The AP says the Minnesota Department of Health is part of a pilot network put together by the Food and Drug Administration to map the genome of salmonella and other germs that show up in food.

And those germs are certainly pesky. Just last week the Health Department said it's investigating the possibility that a food borne illness sickened a number of people in Nisswa who attended a Lions Club meeting at the local community center.

The numbers that Business Insider used to compile its map of common jobs in each state come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau publishes employment levels and wage estimates by occupation for each state. The most recent data come from May of last year. Find Minnesota's here.

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