'Digital Shadow': Creepy new website creates profile of you from Facebook data

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"Creepy" seems to be the word most often used to describe a much buzzed-about new website that mines your Facebook data to spit out a frighteningly intimate portrait of your life, some users say.

On the surface, the new site called Digital Shadow seems harmless enough – it is a publicity stunt from the makers of a new spy-themed video game called "Watch Dogs" by game-maker Ubisoft.

And truth be told, Facebook users by now should know that, depending on their privacy settings, they are sharing a lot of personal information with the world.

But there is something eerie about the site, which offers some ominous assessments of life in the digital age:

"You are not an individual. You are a data cluster."
"Your life is measured in gigabytes. Data comes at a cost."
"Algorithms can predicts your interests, your desires, even your fantasies."

Once you log in with Facebook, the site promptly returns what might seem like a troublingly accurate profile, including info on who "stalks" you, where you spend your time and how much money you make.

The site also tells you who your “pawns” are (your close friends), your “obsessions” (the people you most often pursue on Facebook), and your “scapegoats” (people you don’t interact with and would sacrifice, if necessary).

Huffington Post dug into the site and notes that it also tells you when you are most active (vulnerable) on Facebook, what your potential likely passwords are based on friends and interests, and what your temperament is:

Too nervous to log in and find out what the Shadow knows? Watch this guy taking a glimpse his Digital Shadow profile:

In the end, the marketing-campaign site serves as a wake-up call, Time magazine notes: "Letting Watch Dogs scour your profile can act as a sobering reminder that the information you put on the Internet can potentially be used against you."

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