'I am glad to hear he feels remorse,' Patty Wetterling says of her son's confessed killer

"He may have 'shed countless tears' but not one tear was shed when he stood in the courtroom telling us what he did to Jacob."

"I am glad to hear he feels remorse," Patty Wetterling said Friday, a day after an attorney filed a court document on behalf of her son's confessed killer.

According to the Post Bulletin, the document said Danny Heinrich, 53, has shed “countless tears” for Jacob and his family since the boy was kidnapped and killed in 1989.

To which Patty responded: "He may have 'shed countless tears' but not one tear was shed when he stood in the courtroom telling us what he did to Jacob."

The court document was also the first time the Wetterlings say they heard of Heinrich struggling.

"The only way [Heinrich] can know the magnitude of the pain he has caused is to allow himself to feel for someone other than himself," Patty said.

"I hope he feels that every day just as we have had to feel the loss and the pain of losing Jacob every moment of every day."

'He made choices.'

The Star Tribune says Heinrich's document mentioned he had been sexually abused himself and suffered head injuries.

Patty responded by simply saying most victims of assault don't grow up to sexually assault others. Same goes for people who've suffered head injuries.

"He made choices," Patty's statement reads. "Really bad choices."

She did acknowledge that Heinrich may have had a bad childhood. "For that I am sorry."

She went on to call the idea that Heinrich never had any intention of committing the crime "ludicrous."

Patty explained how Heinrich admitted he went out hunting for boys that night. And he brought a gun with bullets.

"He could have used the gun to scare the boys but he brought bullets," she said.

Patty's 1999 letter to Heinrich

In February of 1999, Patty said she wrote a letter to the abductor of Jacob. Desperate for answers, she sent it to media outlets everywhere.

The letter begged the kidnapper to call her with some answers. But no answers came until Sept. 2016.

“You have held the answers for so long. You also hold the pain. Please talk to me,” is how the letter ended.

Patty said she doubts Heinrich never saw the letter.

"I never treated this person as less than a human being but he is a man not just with human failings but a man who made horrible choices," she said.

Sentencing Monday

Heinrich's sentencing is set for Monday.

He likely will be sentenced to 20 years in prison for child pornography. That was part of the plea deal saying Heinrich would confess to killing Jacob and molesting Jared Scheierl.

That means he won't face prosecution for those crimes committed in 1989.

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