'I kinda hope you get raped,' Twin Cities student tells woman on Tinder

The Minnesota woman called him out via Facebook in a post that's gone viral.

Alison Kmett didn't respond when a Twin Cities college student said, "Hey," on Tinder, but his second message certainly made her take notice.

"Well I kinda hope you get raped bye," said the post from a 20-year-old man who identifies himself as a nursing student at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park.

Kmett, of Albertville, revealed the interaction via a Facebook post that has been shared more than 1,400 times, and prompted an outpouring of support for her as well as condemnation for the person who sent the hateful message.

"I’m usually never on my dating app, but last night I decided to clear all my notifications just to see this message sent to me," she wrote.

"This is not at all okay, idc if you come back at me and say 'oh I was kidding take a joke' or 'I was trying to get your attention'... oh but you did get my attention." 

"You don’t get to justify what you said," she continues. "You can’t. You crossed the line and made it personal."

Kmett posted an image of the man's Tinder profile, which in turn led to numerous complaints being made to North Hennepin Community College.

The college responded on Monday, saying its public safety department has opened an investigation and that it doesn't "condone, or tolerate this type of rhetoric or behavior."

"Our college is committed to providing a safe learning environment, protecting the health, safety and rights of our students, employees, and visitors, and protecting them from violence or harassment of any form," it added.

This isn't unusual for Tinder

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens a lot on Tinder, often when women choose not to respond to a greeting.

And The Atlantic reports that some female Tinder users have been doing what Kmett did, using other social media and websites to call out those who send harassing messages.

This has led to blogs and sites like Straight White Boys Texting, which exposes some of the horrendous stuff women have been sent on dating apps and social media.

And these harassers haven't exactly had universal condemnation from Tinder either. In 2015, its founder Sean Rad said much of the inappropriate interaction on the app is caused by male "inexperience" with women.

Rad was himself demoted as the company's CEO after a sexual harassment lawsuit in which he allegedly ignored complaints from its former president of marketing Whitney Wolfe, who says she was stripped of her job and called a "whore" and "gold digger" by the company's co-founder Justin Mateen, the Independent reports.

The case was settled with no admission of wrongdoing

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