'I made Minnesota great again': Al Franken impersonates Trump in sketch video


He may be a U.S. Senator for Minnesota, but Al Franken is never too far away from his Saturday Night Live roots.

Politico reports that the Senator was on fine form in a video made for a Minnesota Business Partnership annual dinner Thursday night, sending up Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a rip-roarious impersonation.

He was wearing a "Make Minnesota Great Again" cap – a nod to Trump's "America" slogan and predilection for red caps – as he reeled-off a series of one-liners. Here are a few of his jokes:

The Pioneer Press has attempted to get a copy of the video, but unfortunately Franken's team decided not to release it, saying it was just intended for the business meeting.

But the newspaper said Franken made "constant references to how rich various business leaders in the audience were," and even mocked Trump's comments on immigration, likening Trump's criticisms of Mexican immigrants by pretending he shared similar views about Iowans.

Franken is writing memoir, calls it a "psychological thriller"

Sen. Franken, who won re-election in Minnesota last year, has also revealed this week that he is writing a new book about his journey to and experiences in Washington.

According to the Associated Press, he is describing it as a "psychological thriller" in which he recounts his "frustrations and hopes of life in the Senate" – with a few jokes added for good measure.

Franken is a previous best-selling author whose books take a swipe at America's right wing.

His successes include "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" and "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right," which led The Guardian to say that Franken's "specialty is wind-up."

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