Ice castle melts; 2012 to be Twin Cities' warmest year ever?

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Recent rain washed away some of the progress made by artists who are trying to build a 40-foot tall ice castle in a parking lot at the Mall of America, Fox 9 reported.

Millions of gallons of water are being used to grow massive icicles for the castle foundation, Fox 9 says. It's expected to be complete by January, despite warm-weather setbacks.

Who would have figured there would be rain in December? But there have been other unseasonably warm months this year – remember March and July? In fact, 2012 is on track to beat 1931 as the warmest year ever in the Twin Cities, the Star Tribune reports.

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Twin Cities had warmest spring ever

It's official: This spring was the warmest on record in the Twin Cities, and it was the second-wettest, too. Temperatures during the meteorological spring -- defined as March through May -- averaged 54 degrees at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the highest since modern record-keeping began in 1873.

MOA's ice castle construction to begin next month

The Mall of America released more information on its highly anticipated ice castle construction expected just in time for Christmas. Utah-based Ice Castles, LLC will begin building the frozen structures next month. Construction takes about four to six weeks.

Ice castles could make a comeback in the Twin Cities this winter

Last seen at the St. Paul Winter Carnival in 2004, ice castles could be coming to the Mall of America by Christmas. The Bloomington Planning Commission will hold a hearing Thursday to decide whether to grant an interim use permit for Ice Castles LLC in partnership with the Mall of America. The event could draw 55,000 people to an illuminated fortress of ice.