Ice out on Lake Minnetonka, as 'Paddle Tap' prepares to sail


As of 10 am. Sunday, the ice is officially out on Lake Minnetonka. Ice out came nine days earlier than it usually does and 19 days earlier than last year, according to WCCO.

It'll be a little while yet before people can actually get back into the lake, since the water temperature is only about 43 degrees right now. But it won't be too long before boaters are back in full force.

A new water-bound recreation option will be available on the lake this year – a paddle pub.

It's the same idea as the pedal pubs you see around the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the summer. Only instead of customers pedaling along the street, their pedal power will paddle the boat through the water.

Minnesotan Ryan Jaeger got the idea for what he's calling the PaddleTap last year, according to KSTP.

The craft is a 30-foot pontoon boat, custom made with a dozen or so pedal stations and a space in the middle to stow coolers for beverages.

"It holds up to 13 to 14 people, including the captain ... and you just pedal and paddle along," he told KSTP.

The average speed of the boat is between 5 and 8 mph, and it also has an engine for backup, said Jaeger.

The bright green boat was built by a company in Oregon, and will be brought to Minnesota shortly.

Jaeger plans to have it ready to operate fairly soon.

You can find information about making reservations for the PaddleTap on its website.

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