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Ice still unsafe for vehicles. And bovines.


You might think the ice is safe now that most of Minnesota has been in the deep freeze since Dec. 4. But you'd be wrong.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is circulating another warning, after two fishermen and their SUV went through the ice on Lake Ida near Alexandria Wednesday, according to WCCO.

Fox 9 posted the DNR guidelines.

The DNR recommends asking local bait shop owners if you are unsure about conditions.

Near Bismarck, North Dakota, a herd of cattle crashed through ice on the Cannonball River near where it meets the Missouri River Wednesday, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

Cattle usually avoid ice so “it’s a mystery what exactly occurred,” according to Morton County Emergency Manager Tom Doering.

Rancher Dick Ressler lost at least 40 cows and 82 calves, Doering said. Their best guess is that the cattle were chased onto the ice by coyotes. Doering said the ice there is soft and the current strong.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns the property and will have to issue a permit so that the carcasses can be recovered.

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