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Identical 50-year-old triplets offer advice to newborn trio


Born 50 years ago as Maggie, Katie and Judy Morris, a set of identical Minnesota triplets have perspective and advice for the Hansons, the Brooklyn Park family who welcomed a set of identical daughters 5 months ago. The Morris sisters, like Zoey, Brooklyn and Mackenzie Hanson, were conceived without fertility treatment, an occurrence that defies statistics with the odds placed around 1 in 100 million.

Talking to FOX 9, the Morris triplets recalled what it's been like to be raised as a rarity. They arrived in 1963 as part of a big family – the eighth, ninth, and 10th children in the Morris clan.

New parents Adam and Kayla Hanson have already noted personality traits in their trio of infants, and one of the adult triplets said it's wise to see the girls as distinct.

"Don't dress them alike," Katie Morris-Buch advised. "Let them be individuals."

The adult trio, who call each other their best friends, recalled some of the advantages -- and disadvantages -- of being identical.

"Katie did a job interview for me," Judy Morris-Meyer recalled, "and I got the job!"

In 1997, the three opened Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe, an independent coffee shop in the Nokomis neighborhood in South Minneapolis. A few years ago, they were featured in a story in the Minnesota Women's Press about family businesses. The trio had previously worked together at a restaurant and a car rental agency, but had begun talking about opening their own coffee house when they were still teenagers and continued the conversation as they finished school, traveled and gained life experience. Their relationship has helped build the small business.

"We know how to fight with each other and move the end, it has to come down to, 'What does the business need?'" said sister Katie Morris-Buch.

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