Identify this vandal, get free burritos for life from Minneapolis restaurant


A Minneapolis restaurant is looking for help to find a vandal and in return it's offering a lifetime full of burritos.

Owners of World Street Kitchen, a food truck turned restaurant in Uptown, say they pulled up to the restaurant Friday morning to find their catering van defaced.

"[The vandal] actually tagged our food truck before, with just his name. But this is something else," Maria Zarkha, manager of World Street Kitchen, told MPR News.

Zarkha told the station she's filed a police report, but one of her partners took it a step further to catch the tagger by offering a life time supply of burritos. The company tweeted out the offer Friday afternoon, and as of Sunday morning it had been retweeted over 200 times.

World Street Kitchen also posted the photo of the tagged van on its Facebook page, which had people commenting saying they can help remove the paint, as well as people posting photos of similar spray-painted graffiti markings.

The vandal's tag has been seen all over the Uptown area, Zarkha says.

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