If you found $7,000 cash on the street, what would you do?

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If you came across a bag contained with $7,000 in it, would you turn it in? Brian Jakubowski would – and did.

Columbia Heights Police Department was full of praise for the Good Samaritan who came across a bank bag containing the cash at 44th and Madison Ave. NE last Thursday.

"The bag had over $7,000 in it, and the citizen was concerned that someone had lost it accidentally." the police department said on Facebook.

The bag – which also contained $17,000 in cashier's checks – was handed in to police. They tracked down the owner, who worked for a local restaurant.

"Needless to say the gentleman was very happy to get the bag and its contents returned to him and talked about offering a reward or possibly donating to a charity in the name of the honest citizen."

The citizen was identified by the Star Tribune as Jakubowski, who said he found the bag when out biking with his five kids, and said that "in my younger days, I might not have been such an honest person."

"Some people might teach their kids, if you find money, it’s your money; finder’s keepers,” he added. "Hopefully, people do the right thing."

Columbia Heights PD goes on to sum up its views on Jakubowski's actions:

"In today's world, where everything reported seems to be negative, divisive, or discouraging, take heart that we have a community full of honest, hard-working and dedicated people who look out for each other and help contribute to our "All American City"!"

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