If you're young and have savings, you're doing better than most

Millennials aren't saving for the future, but they're optimistic about it anyway.

Nearly half of millennials don't have any type of savings for retirement.

That's according to a new GenForward poll released by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago, which was done with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

It found 48 percent of those surveyed last month (1,851 racially and ethnically diverse 18- to 30-year-olds) said they had no type of retirement savings or pension.

Here's a breakdown. The results are in percentages:

We know it's important, but don't plan ahead

This isn't the first report that has suggested millennials aren't doing enough to plan ahead for their retirement, even though it seems to be one of their biggest concerns financially, a report from Bloomberg said.

Why? A recent USA Today story says it can be hard for younger Americans to save money because they're more inclined to live in the now. Plus, they're worried about running out of money – and a big part of that is student loan debt, a Bankrate.com survey suggested.

But not saving now could be a big problem when it comes time for retirement, as the decline in pension plans and Social Security benefits over the years has made it harder for people to retire when they'd like.

Only 7 percent of people surveyed by GenForward said they had a pension through their employer, while 66 percent said they were not confident in the future of the Social Security system.

But we're optimistic!

Despite this, a little more than half (53 percent) say they are somewhat or very confident they'll have enough saved to retire when they want to, with the report saying: "It is striking how many young adults are confident about their financial future in light of their current negative evaluations of the economy."

More than half of young adults have a negative view of their current financial situation and the national economy.

But that doesn't stop millennials from being optimistic about their future, with a majority saying they believe they'll have a better life than their parents, and are confident they will find and keep a good job, pay off their student debt, and afford the lifestyle they want, the report said.

The survey about personal finances is part of a larger report that involved questions about the economy, finances, and the 2016 campaign, which highlighted disparities based on race, gender and other factors. You can read the entire report here.

If you're looking for tips on how to save for retirement, check out this story by USA Today.

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