Horse meat detected in Ikea Swedish meatballs overseas; none found in U.S. supply


Swedish furniture maker Ikea is dealing with a food scandal Monday after food authorities detected horse meat in Ikea's Swedish meatballs, The Associated Press reports.

The supply where horse meat was detected was tracked to 13 countries, but not the U.S.

In Minnesota, Ikea operates a store in Bloomington, near the Mall of America.

The scandal broke when horse meat was detected in the Swedish-made frozen meatballs -- labeled beef and pork -- by the Czech State Veterinary Administration, which examined product sent to the Czech Republic.

After the detection, more than 1,675 pounds of the meatballs were stopped from reaching stores there.

A spokeswoman for Ikea confirmed meatballs from the same batch went out to 12 other countries, including France, Great Britain and Italy, and the product was removed from stores.

Though Ikea stores are designed to sell furniture, they all contain restaurants that sells Swedish cuisine, including meatballs.

The Ikea controversy comes only weeks after trace amounts of horse meat was found Burger King beef product in the U.K.

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