Ilhan Omar's historic win is a big step for America, supporters say

"It's something to be very proud of."
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The 2016 elections were memorable, to say the least. But presidential battles aside, the election was also historic – both for Minnesota and the U.S.

Minneapolis District 60B just elected Ilhad Omar as state representative. This makes Omar America's first Somali-American woman in a state legislature, ever.

"We're very proud of that," said Abdisamad who attended Tuesday night's Ilhad Omar Election Night Party at the Courtyard Marriott in Minneapolis.

Omar's supporters say this is a big step forward for America and shows the nation believes in progress.

"It means what America has built and what it's building to be and where we're heading," Saida Hassan said. "It's something to be very proud of."

Several young Somali-American women echoed that excitement, calling Omar a "role model" who "gives young girls hope."

As far as what Omar's win means in terms of Donald Trump's upcoming presidency, supporters say it's too early to tell. But they're hopeful.

"I am very proud to be American, Somali-American, African American," Fadumo Ali said. "I have been so worried the past few days. [America] is going to take a direction. A good direction or bad direction. Either candidate is equal to me."

Ali went on to say that the most important thing is that Americans support one another.

"United we stand, divided we fall," Ali said. "Muslim, Christian, Jews, doesn't matter... We are all human beings."

Ilhan Omar previously beat out long-time District 60B Democrat Phyllis Kahn in the primaries to be the Democratic nominee on Tuesday's ballot. Kahn is currently in her 22nd term.

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