I'm President Trump, and I approve of this North Dakota farmer's message

Gene Hanson's NFL protest message was plowed into his bean field.

A North Dakota farmer is a minor celebrity after a political message he plowed into one of his fields was praised by President Donald Trump.

Gene Hanson, a farmer in Edgeley, southwest of Fargo, shared the picture of his handiwork on Facebook, after making the effort to write "We stand for the national anthem" on his land.

The message refers to the protests seen in the NFL, which started with Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the Stars and Striples as a comment about police brutality against black Americans, but has since been co-opted by the president into a debate about patriotism and disrespecting the flag and country.

On Tuesday, Hanson's message was noticed by the president himself, with Trump sharing a link to a story about it on his Facebook page, adding a personal message for the farmer.

"Thank you Gene Hanson – a GREAT American (and farmer) who is standing up for our flag, our anthem and our country," he wrote.

It's the latest in a string of political messages the Donald Trump-supporting 77-year-old has written in his fields over the years, with previous ones including "Drain the Swamp," "Blue Lives Matter," "Vote Trump," and "Feel the Bern," he told Fox News.

"A lot of people died over our flag. We’re able to voice our opinion because of it," he told the TV station. "If you’re going to show respect for anything, do it for the national anthem.”

Valley News Live reports that the message measures about two football fields and took two hours to complete, with Hanson using his old Massey tractor and disc to make the pattern.

When he's done he used his home-built plane to go up and take a photograph.

In the comments on his story, Hanson said he'd received at least one "bad message and hang up call" after posting the picture on Facebook.

"Gee's what's wrong with people," he wrote. "If they can't show respect for the flag buy a one way ticket and leave the country."

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