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Supersize THIS! The hamburger that needs a helper


Too bad the name "The Whopper" is already taken. A new burger at Joe Senser's Sports Theaters could lay legitimate claim to the title.

The restaurant is offering its hungriest diners a free hamburger, but there's a catch--and a time limit.

The Business Journal reports that the aptly-named Beast Burger is two and a half pounds of hamburger on a 10-inch bun with eight slices of cheese and eight strips of bacon. It comes served with a dainty side of a pound-and-a-half of french fries.

Customers who say "Done! (burp!)" within a half hour get the entree for free. Eaters whose eyes are bigger than their stomach will pay $48.95.

The Beast Burger is featured on a new menu at Senser's two locations in Roseville and Bloomington. The beef is sourced in northern Wisconsin.

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