Ellison stands by NYC mayoral candidate despite controversy


Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., endorsed his former congressional colleague Anthony Weiner in the latter's bid to be mayor of New York City several months ago, and the Minneapolis congressman is standing by Weiner – if a bit half-heartedly – despite another sexting scandal.

In April, Ellison gave a good-natured thumbs-up to the candidate who reportedly used the name "Carlos Danger" when he sent texts of explicit images to women.

Weiner is under pressure to drop out of the race, but the candidate says he is "pressing forward," FOX News reported.

The Star Tribune reports on how Ellison feels now. "I don't plan on changing anything ... I had a minimal role before the revelations and I've got a minimal role now," he tells the newspaper.

Ellison was an early supporter of Weiner in the mayoral race, though that may have been a bit overblown. He appeared on a political talk show then, and sort of self-mockingly said, "I would love to see Anthony Weiner be mayor of New York. I hereby endorse Anthony.”

The Strib quotes Ellison as saying that he couldn't participate less than he is now, but he doesn't take back his endorsement.

The AP also has Ellison's take, which the news outlet calls "a measured assessment."

“The people of New York will decide," the AP quotes Ellison saying, "if Anthony Weiner is qualified to be mayor of their city."

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