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In the jobs pipeline: More openings posted online

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Good news for Minnesotans looking for work.

MPR News reported that the number of Minnesota job ads posted online on websites like LinkedIn jumped by nearly 11,000 last month. It's an indicator that signals a stronger demand for workers in February.

In Minnesota, there were about 12 unemployed people for every 10 positions posted online. Nationally, the figure was 21 unemployed people for every 10 jobs. Only a handful of states produced a greater number of online job ads, according to Steve Hine, Minnesota's chief labor market analyst. He said that he expects employers to seek more workers in weather-sensitive industries like construction as spring approaches.

The numbers come from a report issued on Wednesday by the Conference Board, a national business research group. The report found the national demand to be high for workers in transportation, health care support and office work.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press had a look at encouraging new employment numbers that were released on Thursday morning. According to the Labor Department, the number of people seeking unemployment benefits dropped to a seasonally adjusted 323,000, the lowest level in three months. The story concludes that layoffs remain at pre-recession levels and indicates that fewer jobs are being cut.

A total of 3.4 million Americans received unemployment benefits as of Feb. 15, down from 3.49 million in the previous week.


Online job postings inch up in Minnesota

There were about 100 more online job postings in Minnesota this month compared to September, according to the Conference Board. Minnesota's chief labor market analyst tells MPR that online job postings have consistently been stronger in Minnesota, perhaps because "employers in Minnesota are adapting to that technology more rapidly."

Fewer openings posted online in August

The demand for Minnesotans looking for work fell last month, MPR reports. There were 121,000 online job postings -- roughly 2,400 fewer than in July, according to the research group The Conference Board.

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