Inexpensive custom suit retailer Indochino to open Mall of America 'showroom'

Indochino starred as an online business, but has been adding brick-and-mortar stores.
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A retailer that claims it's "at the forefront of revolutionizing men's fashion" is opening a new store at the Mall of America in time for Christmas.

If you've never heard of Indochino before, it's not surprising. The company is an online, made-to-order seller of customized suits, with customers building their own designs and then sending in measurements so the suits can be tailored.

The Canadian company has been increasing its number of physical stores, which it calls "showrooms," where shoppers can get a tailored suit fitted in person.

Indochino has only 18 of these showrooms in North America, of which only 10 are in the U.S. 

Mall of America is about to be the 11th.

The MOA announced Indochino will take up residence on Level 1 South in a 2,909-square-foot unit offering a "premium custom apparel experience at a price lower than comparable off-the-rack alternatives."


Mall of America will close for Thanksgiving – but that doesn't mean every store has to

Shoppers using the store will be paired with a "dedicated trained Style Guide" who takes their measurements, helps with fabric choice, and walks them through the "endless customization options" including pockets, lapels, lining and monograms.

Each suit is made to order and is delivered in around four weeks.

They offer a cheaper tailor-made option

One of the big benefits of Indochino, according to Forbes, is that it offers men the chance to buy a custom-made, tailored suit for less than $500. (Not all of their suits cost less than this, but some do.)

Right now it's offering discounts on customized suits at around $329-$359, with further discounts expected during its Black Friday sale.

But the Gentleman's Gazette did a review of the online ordering process, noting that while customer service is good, the shipping times are reliable and mistakes were handled professionally, the suits themselves still had flaws.

"Indochino may be right for you if you don’t want to customize your product too much, if you have a very symmetrical body (less than 1% do) and if you like contemporary slim styles," it says.

Shoppers will hope that these flaws would be easier remedied in a showroom at the Mall of America, rather than ordering online.

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