Infographic: Which coffee chain dominates your city?

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Check out this fun graphic published on Flowing Data's website, created by statistician Nathan Yau, who mapped the nation's popular coffee shop chains (above, or click here for a bigger version).

Yau found that Starbucks has national coverage (green dots on the map above), but it's not the java giant everywhere. In Minnesota – you guessed it – Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee has the most outlets, with Starbucks and "other chains" not far behind.

Dunkin' Donuts (pink in the map) has more outlets than other chains on the East Coast, Tim Horton's is more ubiquitous on the Canadian boarder, Starbucks dominates the West, and Caribou is quite popular in other areas of the Midwest.

Yau outlines each chain individually (check out the graphics below), which shows Caribou's dominance in Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities.

Flowing Data and Yau published another infographic showing popular pizza places. Can you guess the most popular pizza chains? In the nation, it's Pizza Hut, but in Minnesota, Godfather's and Domino's are also well represented.

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