Injured bobcat gets treatment thanks to N. Minnesota couple

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A bobcat that was wounded by a snare trap in northern Minnesota will be released back into the wild Friday after receiving some much-needed medical treatment.

According to Wildwoods, a Duluth-based animal rehabilitation nonprofit, a couple first spotted the 23-pound bobcat on their property last month with part of a snare wrapped around its neck.

Instead of calling authorities who may have allowed "nature to take its course," the couple called KAXE-FM, a local radio station, to ask for advice. A listener suggested the couple contact Wildwoods.

Rehab center volunteers promptly responded on Monday after receiving the call.

With the approval of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, volunteers used venison and tuna to lure the bobcat into a trap so the animal could be treated by a veterinarian.

The bobcat, later named "Bob," was found in the trap two days later.

At Doughterty Veterinary Clinic in Duluth, Dr. Lisa Jeanetta sedated Bob and removed the snare, which was embedded in the tissues of the animal's neck, Wildwoods said.

Photos: Trudy Vrieze

Jeanetta cleaned the wound and gave Bob antibiotics to protect against infection. Wildwoods says Bob has recovered well and will be released back to his home territory Friday afternoon.

A photo gallery of Bob's rescue can be found on the rehab center's Facebook page.

The DNR says about 2,000 bobcats live in northern Minnesota and they are the most common of the state's three native wildcat species, which also include the cougar and lynx.

The regulated hunting and trapping season for bobcats runs from Nov. 30 to Jan. 5.

Photo: Trudy Vrieze

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