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Injured highway worker talking, not yet walking


The 61-year-old highway worker struck by a car on I-94 Sunday evening can't walk yet or remember very much.

In a phone interview with KARE 11, Kenneth Moreau of Faribault said he was clearing debris from the highway near 42nd Avenue North. After returning to his truck with an armload of wood, all he remembers is a flash of light and going airborne.

"I flew for about 50 feet, 40, 45, 50 feet, and I rotated when I was in the air," said Moreau.

He suffered a fractured hip, a leg broken in three places, a bruised clavicle and lots of road rash. He said he expects to spend about a week at North Memorial Medical Center, but is optimistic about making a full recovery.

Moreau said he still plans to run the Chicago marathon with his 16-year-old son next year.

The Pioneer Press reports a 24-year-old man from Oakdale was arrested at the scene and booked for not having a driver’s license or insurance, giving false information to police, careless driving and having an open bottle.

The suspect also violated Minnesota’s Move Over Law, implemented in 2006, which requires drivers to move one full lane away from stopped emergency, maintenance and construction vehicles.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reports 11 highway workers killed on Minnesota roadways in 2010 as a result of drivers not obeying the law. Between 1960 and 2011, careless driving was to blame for the deaths of 46 highway workers, including 33 MnDOT employees, who were killed on the job.

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