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Inner-ring Twin Cities suburbs lead in growth rate


The Star Tribune examines new Census data and notes that inner-ring suburbs once flat or declining in population are growing.

The newspaper reports that Bloomington is the leader among suburbs in terms of its growth rate, according to federal government estimates, the Star Tribune reports.

Bloomington led in growth rate with 3,140 new residents so far this decade, the newspaper reports. Maple Grove was next with 2,853.

In overall growth, the Twin Cities led, with Minneapolis increasing 10,300 residents, and St. Paul swelling by about 5,700.

The growth runs counter to the story for many U.S. inner-ring suburbs in recent years that has been one of decay and decline.

The Brookings Institution this week reported that among the problems that have plagued suburbs has been a rising poverty rate.

Aging housing stock, foreclosures, severe fiscal problems, and struggling local economies also have plagued the suburbs closest to major U.S. cities, author Bernadette Hanlon wrote in her book "Once the American Dream."

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