Instagram Stories is getting photo and video ads

Instagram rolled out Stories last August, and has added a bunch of new features – including ads now.

In what is apparently a never-ending quest to fill every digital space possible with ads, Instagram is adding ads into its Stories feature.

Instagram announced on its blog Wednesday businesses will soon be able to run the fullscreen ads between Stories from different users (so you won't get interrupted by some company while in the middle of your friend's videos). Yes, that's just like Snapchat ads.

You will be able to skip them, TechCrunch says, so that's nice at least. They'll be 5-second photo ads, or 15-second video ads, and 30-plus large companies will be part of a test run.

Here's an example from Instagram, using an Airbnb Stories ad:

Instagram rolled out Stories in August, and has repeatedly added on to the feature – including letting you tag people, adding "disappearing" photos and video, and live streaming capabilities.

Why has the app become more like Snapchat? Places like The Verge have said it's an engagement thing. The app had a ton of users, but most interacted with the app a couple times a week. Compare that to Snapchat, where users are active multiple times a day.

Instagram’s new Stories feature was an attempt to get users to share more, and share more often, The Verge said.

And they're pitching Stories as a success so far.

In the ads announcement, Instagram said more than 150 million people use Stories daily, and one in every five Stories results in a direct message from viewers.

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