Interactive map shows the most popular names in Minnesota since 1910

1973 was the year of Jennifer across the U.S.

If you're a Minnesota man born in 1985, there's a reasonable chance you're called Matthew. If you're a woman – Ashley, is it?

An interactive map designed by Massachusetts software engineer Mike Berry shows the most popular name in every state for every year between 1910 and 2015 (based on U.S. Social Security Administration information).

You can check it out here.

It shows the ever-changing tastes in different parts of the country, and the years when certain names were overwhelmingly fashionable everywhere (Jennifer was the most popular girl's name in EVERY state in 1973).

In Minnesota, there have been 14 different most popular names for boys in the space of 105 years, and 13 different most popular names for girls.

For boys, Minnesota stayed traditional for many decades, with the biblical names John, James, Michael, David and Matthew joined by the odd Greek (Jason) and Germanic (Robert) names. That is, until things changed in 1993.

That was the year of "Tyler," as parents started following more modern, trending names. Although there was a full 10 years when "Jacob" was the most popular name from 1994-2004, before Ethan, Logan, and Mason topped the charts.

In the last few years the state has reverted to traditional names, with William the most popular in 2013 and Henry tops in 2014 and 2015.

For the girls, 1910 started off with Mary before Helen and Dorothy were also in fashion until 1947. America then fell under the spell of "Linda," which was the most popular name in all but seven states between 1947-49 before Mary made a comeback.

In 1973, "Jennifer" was the most popular name in every single U.S. state, and since then the most popular in Minnesota has included Amanda, Ashley, Emily, Samantha, Emma, Ava and Olivia.

2014 was a significant year in Minnesota. It was the only state in the country where "Henry" was the most popular, with Nebraska joining in last year.

Minnesota was the only state where "Ava" was most popular for girls in 2005, but it became the most popular in five other states in 2006, including North Dakota and Wisconsin.

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