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Interest groups spend millions on 2012 lobbying efforts


Interest groups have spent millions lobbying Minnesota government 2012. That total was over three million dollars less than what was spent in 2011, though.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board released the 2012 Lobbying Disbursement Summary.

Interest groups spent nearly $11.5 million dollars in their 2012 lobbying efforts.

Politics in Minnesota reports that total is down though from the $14.7 million that was spent in 2011.

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce reported the largest total disbursements during the year. The business group spent over $925,000.

While Education Minnesota was next at $840,000 in total disbursements. The teachers union reported the largest disbursements specifically for legislative action lobbying.

Xcel Energy was third with nearly $803,000 spent. Xcel spent the most lobbying for administrative action.

About 86 percent of the spending went directly toward influencing legislative action. Nearly 13 percent was spent on lobbying Gov. Dayton's administration and about one percent of total disbursements were spent on lobbying local governments.

The survey says roughly 1,400 lobbyists were paid to represent 1,354 organizations in St. Paul. The $11.5 million does not include lobbyist fees or salaries.

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