Update: Yep, that's Josh Duhamel in the new Call of Duty: WWII

He'll go from shooting enormous CGI robots in the movies, to shooting computer-generated Nazis.

Yep, Josh Duhamel is in the new Call of Duty, which was revealed Wednesday.

He'd been silent after not-so-covertly following the game's official account days earlier, but some internet sleuthing (detailed below) made a pretty compelling case for the North Dakota native's involvement.

And apparently he's been working on it for over a year.

And here's the trailer for the game, if you want to watch it.

The original story from Monday, April 24, is below.

Shooting enormous CGI robots in blockbuster movie franchises has prepared Josh Duhamel for this: Shooting computer-generated Nazis in the upcoming Call of Duty iteration.

This isn't confirmed yet, but it appears the Minot, North Dakota, native will be one of the lead faces in Call of Duty: WWII – a game that so far has only been confirmed by name, though a reveal is set for Wednesday.

So how has Duhamel's name gotten involved?

Some apparently leaked screenshots that were briefly on the game's official website included this low-res image, of a soldier that people pointed out looks a lot like the 44-year-old Duhamel, as Charlie Intel pointed out.

So internet sleuths/stalkers went to work, and connected a few more dots. If Duhamel's involvement were true, it would explain this random context-less tweet from March, that appears to show him doing motion capture:

Also, he only follows 339 people on Twitter – and check out his most recent add:

The series has made a point to hire big-name actors recently, including Jon Snow (real name Kit Harrington) and Frank Underwood (better known as Kevin Spacey). So it wouldn't be shocking to see them recruit the Transformers star Duhamel. He's also got some previous video game experience; he did some voice work for the Skylanders series.

Anyway, nobody has confirmed anything yet. Could all just be a coincidence. But stay tuned – we might found out more this week.

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