Intervention from TV host saves historic Stillwater home – for now

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With her petite stature, HGTV host Nicole Curtis is the last person you'd expect to jump in front of a wrecking ball, but that's precisely what she did (at least, figuratively) to help save an historic Stillwater home on Thursday.

Curtis, who hosts "Rehab Addict", a show dedicated to renovating historic homes, swooped in just in time to halt demolition on the 145-year-old William T. Boutwell house, the Pioneer Press reports.

And we do mean just in time. In a frenetic Facebook post, the Minneapolis-based Curtis said she drove to Stillwater and "pulled up just as the first strike hit." She says the property owner agreed to pause the tear-down so they could "attempt a solution."

Curtis's announcement is undoubtedly much to the relief of local preservationists – because the house was never designated as historically significant, there was nothing the township could do to intervene in its destruction, according to FOX 9.

It's somewhat ironic that the home isn't on the National Register of Historic Places, given the important place in Minnesota history its former occupant holds.

The Reverend William T. Boutwell was a missionary and Stillwater settler who helped establish the town before Minnesota was even a state. Boutwell accompanied Henry Schoolcraft on the exploring trip that named the headwaters of the Mississippi River Lake Itasca, FOX reports.

The salvation of his home hardly seems written in stone, however. The real estate agent involved in its sale told the Pioneer Press that renovating the badly dilapidated home would require "quite an investment," and as Curtis puts it, the current owners are "stuck between a rock and a hard place."

Beyond the TV host's victory today, there could be hope – in her

" target="_blank">Twitter and Facebook updates, Curtis describes the owner as "the nicest man in the world," and says he is definitely not a "jerkface," as she often runs into.

With any luck, the house could be on a future episode of Rehab Addict.

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