Interview: Keillor on the future of his show, gay marriage debate

In a two-part interview with KSTP, public radio host Garrison Keillor talks about when he might retire from his "A Prairie Home Companion" show, his 14-year-old daughter, his 2009 stroke, and why he loaned his voice to the marriage amendment debate. And he gives props to longtime foe Jesse Ventura.
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Celebrated Minnesota public radio host Garrison Keillor has several times sent mixed signals on when he might retire from the "A Prairie Home Companion" show he created. He doesn't clear it up in a new two-part interview with KSTP.

"I don't know, couple years maybe," he says. On the topic of his health, Keillor, among Minnesota's most famous residents, also says he seems fine after a 2009 stroke.

And the well-known liberal talks about why he decided to wade into the marriage amendment debate, as a high-profile opponent of the ballot measure that would in effect ban gay marriage in Minnesota. "Love trumps government, and government should not stand in the way of people who love each other," he tells KSTP. (Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has voiced a similar sentiment, and Keillor – who's made a lot of fun of Ventura over the years – credits him for it.)

Here he is talking about his show, which just started its 39th season:

And here's Keillor explaining why he got involved in the marriage debate:

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