Investigators still seek weapon in Cold Spring officer shooting


Investigators are still seeking the 20-gauge shotgun that they believe was used in the slaying of Cold Spring Police Officer Tom Decker last week. And they are still seeking a suspect.

Authorities are not releasing details about the investigation, including information about where Decker's partner was during the shooting and how exactly he responded, the Star Tribune reports. The newspaper also reports that a bartender at Winners bar near where Decker was shot saw his body when she went out to empty trash that night, and she rushed inside the bar, where a customer called police.

Fox 9 reports the investigation may have come to Minneapolis. Police raided a south Minneapolis home Wednesday night where police say small amounts of cocaine and marijuana have been dealt. The raid may have been linked to a search for a suspect in Decker's killing, Fox 9 reports.

No one has been charged in the fatal shooting. One suspect, Ryan Larson, who had been arrested but was released due to lack of evidence, has not yet been back to his apartment above Winners bar, the Star Tribune reports.

A funeral for Decker drew thousands on Wednesday.

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