Iowa deputies save frozen bearded dragon found on the side of the road

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Two Iowa sheriff's deputies are credited with saving the life of a frozen bearded dragon.

Deputy Ryan Kettmann from the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department responded to a call about the animal being outside on a back country road in the bitter cold last month, according to a post on PetMed Animal Health Center's Facebook page.

He found the cold, stiff and unresponsive reptile and assumed it was already dead.

But he called his colleague, Deputy Dan Kearney, who contacted PetMed veterinarian Dr. Robin Mundt, who asked them to bring the bearded dragon to her house.

So Kettman blasted the heat in his cruiser and brought the reptile to Dr. Mundt, who slowly warmed the animal.

"We still weren't sure if she was exactly alive. She had a little movement in one foot, but when a lizard passes, it's kind of like a human. You can have a weird little twitching," Mundt told KCRG.

It took over an hour before she could move her head and feet, but by the next evening she was eating.

"We are so glad that the deputies found her that night and got her care as soon as possible. Dr. Mundt and the rest of the staff at PetMed have fallen in love with the gentle lizard and plan to give her a good 'warm' life," the Facebook post says.

And now, a few weeks later, the bearded dragon, who they named Daenerys, is putting on weight and doing well. However, she may have to lose her tail to frostbite injuries.

Mundt plans to keep the reptile at PetMed, where they will use her as an educational tool to teach people how to care for exotic pets, KWWL reports.

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