Iowa State student falls asleep, rolls out 3rd story window, wakes up

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A sleeping college student had a rude awakening after she rolled out of bed and through a third-story window.

The Des Moines Register says a woman living in Iowa State's Frederiksen Court Apartments heard someone screaming for help so she dialed 911.

When police arrived, they found another woman outside the building on the ground. She was injured, but alert and conscious, WHO-TV reports.

The woman had been sleeping in a lofted bed that's positioned next to a window, the New York Daily News says. The window was screened, but the woman somehow managed to slip out.

Police say it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol where involved. The fall just looks like an accident.

The woman has been taken to the hospital. Her name and condition have not been released.

This isn't the first time someone's rolled out of a college dorm room window.

A woman in Oregon also rolled dozed off and rolled out a third story window. She suffered several injuries and filed a lawsuit.

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