Iron Range teams' lip sync videos made to help domestic violence awareness

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Yep, those are Iron Range student-athletes, lip-syncing their hearts out in a YouTube video.

But it's not just funny post-homework activities. The players and coaches performed and shot the video as a way to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month – at a lip sync charity event happening Thursday night.

The second ever Iron Range Lip Sync Battle is at 7 p.m. at Hibbing Community College. Teams will do live lip sync performances to songs, ala Jimmy Fallon. Proceeds from the event ($10 for a ticket in advance, $15 at the door) will go to Advocates for Family Peace, the Minnesota-based nonprofit behind the event.

They held the first edition in May of this year, and it was so popular they brought it back for this month. They hope to make it an annual thing, Melissa Scaia, executive director of Advocates for Family Peace, told BringMeTheNews

During the battle, the full videos from the local high school teams – which right now includes Hibbing football, Hibbing-Chisholm soccer, and Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin football – will also be played. Afterward, attendees will be able to vote on the winning video, and they'll be posted online later where anyone can weigh in – at a donation of $1 per vote. That money will go to the winning team.

Tow Hibbing players and the head coach spoke with FOX 21 about it, saying they wanted to show not all football players are automatically violent, despite recent news from the National Football League.

"I think of course there's the bigger picture that a number of professional sports players have been in the news for committing violence against women," Scaia said. "We have lots of young men who say absolutely not. That is not the path i am taking."

Scaia said she was inspired after seeing a similar video from the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City football team's lip sync video (embedded below).

Domestic violence in the US, Minnesota

The new Iron Range videos include mentions of two national domestic violence awareness campaigns:

#ItsOnUs, an initiative that says we all have a personal responsibility to take action and keep both women and men safe from sexual assault.

And #NoMore, which hopes to raise awareness of the issue by getting people more engaged.

More than 31 percent of – that's nearly one in every three – women in the United States have been physically abused by an intimate partner at some point, the Washington Post reported, citing data from the CDC's National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.

Scaia told BringMeTheNews that, in the past year, there were 330 new female and five male adult victims of domestic violence in Itasca County; and 278 new female and seven male adult victims for St. Louis county – the service areas for Advocates for Family Peace. In addition, 225 women and children received emergency and transitional housing assistance.

The two counties usually have around the fourth- or fifth-highest rates of domestic violence in the state, Scaia said.

"I am just so encouraged by the spirit and the generosity of the young men of this generation," she told BringMeTheNews. "All I can do is smile about it. Because they have been so respectful and so generous and so willing, and that out of all of it is the most encouraging."

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