Irony alert: Train car derails in Iowa, lands on bar called 'DeRailed'


There was a dangerous incident in northern Iowa on Tuesday, but one dripping with irony, when a bar called "DeRailed" was hit by a derailed train car.

Charles City police posted an update Tuesday that included the head-scratching line: "E Street will be closed for a while as a train derailed into DeRailed early this morning."

The train car left the tracks and hit the trackside watering hole at 4 a.m.

Fortunately, nobody was in the bar at the time so there was nobody injured, though the bar took some heavy damage.

Police Chief Hugh Anderson told the Associated Press the accident happened as crews moved rail cars and changed connections, with the track separating causing a grain car to tip about 45 degrees onto the bar.

According to KCCI, a patrol officer called Anderson to say the car "had derailed into DeRailed," saying: "It's not every day you get to say that."

The TV station says the bar owner estimates the damage at $10,000.

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