Is grape salad actually going to become a Thanksgiving tradition?


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Has there ever been a Thanksgiving tradition that started ironically?

Because that could be happening in Minnesota, as mockery over the New York Times' piece that identified Grape Salad as the state's traditional Thanksgiving dish continued on turkey day.

But while many took to social media to point out that the infamous dish had not featured in their Thanksgiving feast, other Minnesotans went out of their way to try it, and it actually seemed to go down pretty well.

The New York Times attempted to backtrack on its gaffe, releasing another list of most Googled food dishes around the country in the run-up to Thanksgiving, with Minnesota's listed as the far more recognizable Wild Rice Hotdish (though they called it casserole).

But it has appeared to have done nothing to stop the widespread derision the initial article attracted.

Among those trying the grape salad – albeit ironically – were staff at the Star Tribune, who posted pictures of their own effort on Twitter.

Even if grape salad doesn't make it onto every Minnesotan table in future Novembers, there's every chance that it could become Minnesota's very own Thanksgiving meme.

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