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Isaac Kolstad smiling, reaching for newborn, walking up to 1,500 feet


The former Minnesota University, Mankato football player who was seriously injured in a Mankato assault is walking up to 1,500 feet per day, according his wife in a new CaringBridge message posted Thursday. That's up from 200 feet just last week.

The family also has posted the first photo of Kolstad since the assault, which shows him with his infant daughter. In early June, Molly Kolstad gave birth to their second child, Malia.

The Kolstads spent the Fourth of July at his Twin Cities rehabilitation facility.

"Isaac and I watched the fireworks from his room with the kids and a few other family members," posted Kolstad. "We had a front row seat to the firework show from our view we could see about 3 other towns shooting of theirs as well."

In addition to occupational, physical and speech therapy, Kolstad is also undergoing recreational therapy, which includes music and social interaction.

In previous CaringBridge posts, Molly Kolstad has referred to Isaac's "best new tricks." According to the most recent post, those include smiling and laughing.

"When I get to the hospital, he gives me a smile then reaches to hold Malia," Kolstad posted."When Malia cries he is the first to reach out and want to hold her and comfort her. As I write this, he is napping while holding his little baby girl on his chest. He was and continues to be such an incredible father."

Kolstad, 24, was attacked outside a downtown bar on May 11. He suffered a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury in the assault, and has undergone a number of surgeries during his recovery process.

Prosecutors have charged former University of Minnesota quarterback Philip Nelson and Trevor Shelley, of St. Peter, in the May 11 assault.

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