It probably won't feel warmer than zero degrees today

If you haven't been outside yet, maybe just don't go out there.
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I can't feel my face when I'm with you, Minnesota.

The wind chill in parts of Minnesota was minus 30 degrees Tuesday morning, with the actual temperature ranging from zero to 15 below, the National Weather Service says.

When it feels that cold outside, you can get frostbite in as little as 30 minutes if your skin is exposed. Here's the temperature map from the National Weather Service:

A wind chill advisory is in effect for most of Minnesota (not the Twin Cities, though) until late Tuesday morning, with the coldest temps expected before 8 a.m., the National Weather Service said in its weather alert.

The high across the state is in the single digits, except for southwestern Minnesota which is forecast to reach a whopping 11 degrees, according to the National Weather Service's website.

However, the apparent temperature – or what it feels like when you're outside – won't get above zero anywhere in Minnesota on Tuesday, according to the weather service's forecast. See the map below for what it's expected to feel like at 4 p.m.

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And the bitter cold isn't over (it is Minnesota, after all). The National Weather Service says it'll feel like minus 20 to minus 30 degrees Thursday morning, too.

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