It started with spitballs, now they've had 73 Valentine's Days as a married couple


Their first kiss was during a game of "Spin the Bottle," now John and Evie Kasper are celebrating their 73rd Valentine's Day as a married couple.

The Kaspers are irrefutable proof of true love, as they endured the Depression, a World War, three children, careers, doctorates and retirement with smiles on their faces and lot of laughs along the way, the St. Cloud Times reports.

As John prepares to give his wife his traditional Valentine's Day gift, a decorated paper plate, they have been reflecting to the newspaper on their time together.

"It goes so fast. It's like yesterday," Evie said. "You look back and go, 'How could it go like that?'"

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The couple's story has been documented in a video uploaded to YouTube by their granddaughter, Danni Munro, in which they reveal their relationship got off to a bit of a rocky start.

They were 10-year-olds at school in Milwaukee when they first noticed each other – when John sat behind Evie in class and would send spitballs flying her way – some even dipped in ink.

"He was a naughty boy ... but I didn't know that was a way of showing attention," Evie said.

But according to KARE 11, affection followed five years later as they kissed for the very first time – though it took a game of Spin the Bottle to seal the deal.

"But you didn't kiss in front of people. You had to go into the bedroom and hide away and have the kiss, That was our first kiss," John told the news station.

They married young, at the age of 20, and are still loved up at the age of 92.

The secrets to a long marriage

So what tips do they have for the next generation of lovebirds? Well, they told KARE that "compromise" is key to a lasting relationship, as well as resolving their arguments before bedtime.

But they also told the St. Cloud Times that "never arguing over money" is another of their secrets, and John is not slouch either when it comes to complimenting his wife.

So there you have it, the secret to more than 72 years of marriage right there.

One more thing, their granddaughter posted another video to YouTube a few years ago, of the Kaspers rapping to "Baby Got Back," the result is glorious.

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