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It'll be pretty warm to ring in the new year, but then it gets snowy and cold

January will live up to its expectations.

There's good news if you're heading out this weekend to ring in the new year – it'll actually be rather mild for this time of year.

High temperatures Saturday are forecast to be in the 20s in southern Minnesota, while northern Minnesota will see highs in the upper teens, according to the National Weather Service. The low temperature to welcome 2017 Saturday night will be in the teens for much of the state.

And then on New Year's Day, it'll be even warmer – highs will be range from 25-35 degrees (thanks southerly winds!).

But be prepared, January will live up to its expectations, meteorologist Paul Douglas wrote on the Star Tribune's weather blog, noting that three weeks after the Winter Solstice is usually when it's the coldest in Minnesota.

Several inches of snow is possible Monday into Tuesday, and then temperatures will drop, the National Weather Service says. We'll likely see single-digit high temperatures Wednesday through Friday, there could be some wind chill advisories in place, especially in west-central Minnesota, the agency adds.

The weather service's temperature outlook shows below-average temperatures for the first week of the new year. And those colder temperatures are expected to linger in Minnesota for much of January.

Mid-January we could see another blast of arctic temperatures like we did back in December – it won't be quite as cold, but it'll last longer, Douglas predicts.

The average high temperature in early January for the Twin Cities is in the 20s, while lows are typically in the single digits, AccuWeather's website shows.

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