It'll cost Minnesotans more to study a 3 University of Wisconsin colleges

This will impact Minnesotans who study across the border.

What's happening?

The University of Wisconsin is hiking its nonresident tuition costs at three of its colleges, the Chippewa Herald reports.

Two of them, UWW-Stout in Menomonie and UW-Eau Claire, are popular destinations for Minnesota students heading out of state for college.

The other is the UW-Milwaukee Business School.

How much extra will they charge?

Minnesota has in place a tuition fee reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin, allowing state students to study across the border at Minnesota resident student prices.

These prices will still be going up for graduate students however, with the Associated Press reporting that Minnesota graduate students studying at UW-Stout will pay $157 more for the 2018-19 year.

Elsewhere, nonresident undergraduate tuition at UW-Eau Claire will pay an extra $539 a year, while graduate students will pay another $430.

Those involved in the nonresident Midwest Student Exchange Program will pay $166 more.

How many Minnesotans study in Wisconsin?

According to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, around 70 percent of Minnesota high school graduates in 2012 who chose to attend college did so in Minnesota.

Of the 13,085 who enrolled out of state, 9,045 – 69 percent – of them went to a college in neighboring states with tuition reciprocity – Wisconsin, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Wisconsin was the most popular destination out of those 9,045, with 27 percent choosing to cross Minnesota's eastern border for higher education.

The most popular college of choice was North Dakota State University-Fargo.

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