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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s supermoon!


The first full supermoon of the year has come and gone. But don't fret, it'll be back next month and the month after that. Plus, you can enjoy a myriad of pictures orbiting social media.

Many of our Facebook friends posted some stunning images of Saturday night's supermoon.

A supermoon is the name of the full moon that occurs while the earth is closest to its orbit.

According to NASA, a supermoon appears 14 to 30 percent bigger and brighter than usual. But as the Washington Posts reports, the difference can be hard to detect.

Scientists also call them "perigee moons," which take place when the moon turns full at the same time it is closest to us in its orbit around the Earth, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This supermoon is especially cool because it is the first of three consecutive extra-big, extra-bright full moons. According to the Boston Globe, there will be supermoons in August and September. There were also three supermoons in a row last year.

By the way, the first full moon after the summer solstice is called the Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon, according to The Weather Channel.

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