It's about time: Cheese may soon become an official symbol of Wisconsin

Wait ... cheese wasn't already Wisconsin's official dairy product?

Wait, cheese isn't already an official symbol of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a lot of state symbols, including the dairy cow as the state's official domestic animal and milk as the state's official beverage – but there's no sign of cheese on the list.

That's probably going to change soon. There's a measure in the state Assembly and state Senate that will designate cheese as the state's official dairy product.

The state Assembly is voting Tuesday afternoon on the bill, however it's not clear when the Senate will vote on its version.

The measure is expected to pass both chambers, with The Associated Press calling the votes "one of the easiest" of lawmakers' careers.

The idea to give cheese an official designation came from fourth graders at Mineral Point Elementary School, NBC 15 reported.

Wisconsin's cheese

Wisconsin was the No. 1 producer of all types of cheeses in the United States in 2015, and also ranked No. 1 for American and cheddar cheese production, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

That year, Wisconsin produced 3.07 billion pounds of cheese, making up 26 percent of all the cheese produced in the U.S., the USDA notes.

Here are more cheese facts from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board:

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Wisconsin still the cheese capital of America

The Badger State produced nearly 230 million pounds of cheese in June - a quarter of the nation's cheese production that month. California, the nation's leading milk producer, is second in cheese production with more than 180 million pounds.