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It's 'better luck next year' for the farm bill


Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson is among House members saying prospects of getting a new farm bill through Congress this year have been squelched. Bloomberg reports agriculture has been dropped from the negotiations aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff.

Politico reports House Speaker John Boehner feared any compromise on a deficit reduction plan would lose Republican votes if a farm bill were attached.

Disappointed farm state lawmakers such as Peterson - the ranking Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee - are now setting their sights on crafting a new bill early in the next Congress.

The old farm bill has expired, meaning a wide range of federal subsidies and other commodity programs are set to end without an extension. Bloomberg reports wholesale milk prices, for example, would double after January 1.

Peterson mused to MPR that perhaps there might be some good in such a price hike, if it wakes up consumers to the magnitude of the situation.

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