It's Free Cone Day: Ben and Jerry's is giving away free ice cream


We all scream for ice cream!

Ben and Jerry's is giving away free ice cream cones on Tuesday from noon to 8 p.m. in honor of Free Cone Day.

The Vermont-based ice cream shop started giving away free cones in 1979 as a way to thank its fans, according to Ben and Jerry's website. Last year, the company gave away more than 1 million scoops worldwide.

And for the first time in Free Cone Day history, vegans and those who are allergic to dairy can join in on the fun. Earlier this year, Ben and Jerry's launched non-dairy flavors.

There are at least two Scoop Shops in the Twin Cities, located in Wayzata and Minneapolis. The ice cream is also available at most grocery stores – although a pint isn't free on Free Cone Day.

Ben and Jerry's has a few ways people can do good by eating free ice cream, including supporting local farmers and small businesses and supporting causes like equal rights. Read more about the company's values here.

This is the second day this spring local establishments have given away free ice cream. Last month, Dairy Queen celebrated with its annual free cone day.

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