It's going to feel a lot like winter next week

Temps will drop into the teens for many by Thursday.

It's officially meteorological winter – and next week it'll really start to feel like it.

The temperature outlook for Dec. 8-14 shows Minnesota has a pretty good chance of seeing below-normal temperatures. The National Weather Service says temperatures will drop into the 20s by next Wednesday, and potentially cooling to the teens for many on Thursday.

The average temperature for Minneapolis in the first half of December is in the low 30s, according to The Weather Channel.

There's a chance for snow, too

And with this cool down comes the chance for snow. The weather service says forecast models indicate there's a chance for accumulating snow the middle of next week, but there's still too much uncertainty on how much we're going to get and when, so stay tuned.

Meteorological winter (December through February) typically marks the coldest 90 days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, meteorologist Paul Douglas wrote on the Star Tribune's weather blog. He's predicting that by the second week of December it'll look a lot like winter, noting the average snow fall for December in Minneapolis is 11.9 inches.

For the latest on snow depth, check out the DNR's website here.

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