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It's not here, but it's bad


CNN is reporting a tornado on the ground in Illinois, with tornado watches issued in seven states. The Bears-Ravens game at Soldier Field has been delayed. Severe weather is predicted for Indianapolis, Detroit and the Chicago area.

The National Weather Service website has a map with areas likely to be affected. It says:

Particularly Dangerous Situations have been issued for parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri. Several rapidly-moving, intense tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, large hail events and damaging winds are expected in these watch areas. A High or Moderate Risk of severe weather is in effect for most of the Upper Midwest and Ohio Valley.

CBS News reports Soldier Field has been evacuated and rain is slamming downtown buildings almost horizontally.

Minnesota weather today is supposed to be relatively boring: cloudy with a chance of rain for much of the state.

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About 80,000 hunters will be lurking among the reeds as waterfowl season gets under way in the state. This is the earliest opening since World War II. Dry conditions will force the birds to be more concentrated and should make for good hunting, the DNR says.