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It's now easier to figure out when your bus or train is coming

Now you'll know how long you have to stand in the cold until your bus arrives.

Metro Transit just made it easier to figure out when your bus or train is coming.

The agency rolled out a new feature on the Metro Transit app called Map It!, which lets you track the physical location of a bus or train in real time.

It's pretty slick to use. All you have to do is open up the app, select "trip tools" and then using the NexTrip click "find me." A list of expected departure times will come up, and at the bottom of the page you'll see the option to "Map It!"

Clicking that will open up a map that shows you how far away your bus or train is, as well as the route number and the direction it's traveling. Like this:

“We want to provide transit information in the way that customers want to see it, and this is one of those ways,” Ben Rajkowski, assistant manager-transit information, said in a news release.

Metro Transit tested Map It! with about 50 customers, and released it publicly this week.

You can also get NexTrip information on Metro Transit's website and through text message. The agency notes that NexTrip information is displayed on digital signs at all rail and A Line stations, and some select bus stops, too.

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