It's official: Minnesota just had its hottest September on record

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Weather experts had been predicting that September would be the warmest in Minnesota on record – turns out it was even warmer than they expected.

The Minnesota DNR confirmed the average temperature across the state last month was 65.1 degrees, well above the 64 degrees that was being predicted at the end of last month.

It has smashed the record for the hottest September, which was 63 degrees set all the way back in 1897.

The statewide average was 5.8 degrees above the "normal" September temperatures seen between 1981 and 2010, and was driven higher because of "warm overnight minimum temperatures."

"The overall weather pattern for September was summer-like, with wind patterns favoring warm moist air from the south and few Canadian cold fronts," the DNR release said.

The warm weather has led to the start of fall being delayed, with trees in the north of the state only just reaching their peak colors now, with the south still playing catch-up.

Not everywhere in the state had its warmest September. The average in the Twin Cities was 67.9 degrees, the fourth warmest on record.

The National Centers for Environmental Information has produced this map of the average temperatures seen across the United States last month, which shows parts of Minnesota were warmer than areas of California and Nevada.

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