It's the first day of spring, but more wintry weather is in the forecast


It may be the first full day of spring – but remember, we live in Minnesota.

Dry weather with temperatures warming above normal is expected through Tuesday, the National Weather Service says. But the forecast shows a chance for some wintry weather mid-week for the southern half of the state.

A "significant winter storm" may develop over the central plains Tuesday night, which could spread heavy snow and wind into the region by Wednesday, the weather service notes.

Several inches of snow is possible with this storm. But the storm is still pretty far away, so weather officials haven't quite narrowed down snowfall totals or what type of precipitation will fall where.

Models are showing anywhere from zero to 16 inches of snow for the region, with the Twin Cities weather service noting this is "one to watch."

MPR News' Updraft blog says one model shows several inches of wet snow falling in central and southern Minnesota, noting the Twin Cities could see a mix of rain and snow that changes over to all snow by Wednesday afternoon.

Other models show the storm tracking further south, meaning the metro area might not see any snow, the publication says.

Spring equinox

The spring equinox occurred at 11:30 p.m. Saturday – the time the sun crossed the equator, reports.

The equinox means the length of day is nearly equal to the length of night. And from this day forward, the days will be longer than the nights, and the sun will set later and later.

By the third week of June, the sun will set after 9 p.m., MPR News' Updraft blog says.

Sunday is the first day of astronomical spring. The first day of meteorological spring was March 1.

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